Ihr wollt einen flachen, straffen Bauch? Dann ist Core-Training DIE Lösung!

88 76 543 for the opening of the heart chakra (When it is closed) Good for low self-esteem , lack of self-esteem , low self-acceptance and deep wounds the soul level, will not solve the karmic imbalance , but gives good support in the healing process . Use with Inner Guidance to use itself and also with the permission of the soul level , it is used to help heal others.

These are the best socks to provide the perfect amount of traction during all those Pilates exercises. Also great for Yoga as well. If you don’t have traction on your socks remember to always ask the instructor for some grip mats. Without the proper traction and instruction Pilates can cause injuries so always use proper caution when on the Reformer & Cadillac.